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What's New with you TBOC?

An ongoing series of Business Development and Project Management 

Kickoffs, Ramp ups, and Milestones

Kick it off!

February 1, 2023

All Divisions of TBOC  have experience new growth in 2023. With so much change in technology and business development needs the waters are still full of waves for the surf. Let's take a look at the Waves!

 Wave #1 - The Business Organizing Center TBOC) Business Development has accepted proposal for Strategic Planning Services with signed contracts this month. 

Wave #2 - Property Management Division has kicked of a new West Coast project - California City Boondocks -  check it out and TBOC Wellness Retreat which was in design phase February 2022 has not begun landscape development. Estimate to open to public August 2023 with exception for possible hurricane season delays.

Wave #3 - Project Management - TBOC Call Center is still going strong with new agents looking for the Work from Home Life Balance Experience. 

Ramp Up - Pump it Up

July 1 2023

TBOC WELLNESS RETREAT - a project that began in October 2021 with the 1/2 acre lot purchase in Royal Highlands community of Weeki Wachee FL. Scheduled to become a total off grid retreat experience it is hidden away in the adventure coasts of FL about 45 minutes from Tampa Bay. We have made intentional progress. The landscape plan has been etched and brought to life more this May and June of 2023 than expected and as summer temperatures begin to rise in the high 90's during most of the day, a needed break is set for July. Our Facebook page holds the visual updates of the development and we are please to keep things moving on as we make it through hurricane season and the summer high humidity; both of which create unbearable work conditions outside.. The grounds development will continue to make progress in the latter months to come of 2023!


STRATEGIC PLAN SERVICES - TBOC was successfully in completing contract services for WMPAA on April 27, 2023 for their 5 year strategic plan which  is in full swing with their action items. It was our pleasure to assist them as they sought to grow in a post COVID 19 world. 


BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT SERVICES - TBOC is hopefully looking forward to working with another new startup company out of New Mexico USA. We will keep you posted. You we Love New Startups! 

Saying Goodbye to 2023

November 19, 2023

TBOC WELLNESS RETREAT - Opened for camping guest November 1st. The site is still under development and will continue to expand the camping experience to three cottages. We are pleased with the Retreat progress and look forward to the years to come.


WHAT IS IN STORE FOR 2024 - TBOC is looking forward to branching our experience into the world of AI. It is vital as technology changes rapidly that we explore how AI truly benefits the small business owner. It it just hype for the  money or is it an opportunity to improve productivity. STAY WITH US TO FIND OUT MORE... 


BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT SERVICES - TBOC Loves New Startups!  As we review the new business ideas coming to the global market, we will continue to actively look for new business. If it is you, give us a call, we look forward to being a part of your success. 

February 6, 2023

The Business Organizing Center (TBOC) is still here in green pastures as the 21st century with a hawkeyed view on technology trends and industry twists. We have several new projects in the pipeline that will take us into 2040. We are here and still servicing small business since 1995 and have continued to contribute a relevant impact for their success into today, their tomorrow and their futures. TBOC is here to stay. 😁💖😎✌

April 27, 2023 - The Business Organizing Center (TBOC) would like to give a shout out to our Goggle Business Page and presence which has brought us new client exposure from the West Coast USA


May 22, 2023 - TBOC WELLNESS RETREAT - a project from the property management division of The Business Organizing Center (TBOC) has successfully setup the proprietor residence which is needed to maintain and service all upcoming retreat guests.

December 1, 2023 - TBOC WELLNESS RETREAT - Is NOW OPEN for all upcoming retreat guests. We have partnered with HIPCamp for out booking platform with plans to transition to a private platform by 3rd quarter 2024. 

TBOC Milestones

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